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How To Compose A Strong Body For A Research Paper On Global Warming

Writing a research paper on global warming can be difficult, because you need to work really hard in order to come up with impressive arguments for the cause you advocate in the essay. This topic is very popular and there are plenty of works written about it. Be sure to study them so you can see what has been said before. This will help you come up with original arguments.

To make sure your global warming research paper makes an impact, you also need to write it in the right way. This means that every paragraph must adhere to specific rules. An introduction must be captivating and offer an intriguing glimpse of the information covered in the rest of the essay. A conclusion must tie up all the loose ends and make an impact by explaining the implications of the things described in the text. However, body paragraphs are a bit more difficult to write, because they must have a specific structure.

A body paragraph must start with a general information and get more specific to the end. Here are some tips that will help you create a strong body for this text:

  1. Start with introducing your topic sentence.
  2. Every paragraph must have a topic sentence. Its role is similar to that of a thesis statement in the essay. It must express the important argument/idea you introduce in this particular paragraph. This sentence should be either first or second.

  3. Explain the topic sentence.
  4. Next, you need to explain the readers what exactly you mean by the argument and how you came up with it. Provide any background information that is necessary to understand why this particular argument matters.

  5. Offer evidence.
  6. You must always offer some evidence to support your words. Use only the information you get from reliable sources as your readers might want to verify it. If it’s an idea that you introduce, provide some vivid examples or come up with a different way to “show” your audience what this is all about.

  7. Stress your point.
  8. Leave your best evidence for last to stress your point yet again.

  9. Wrap it up.
  10. Finish the paragraph with a short conclusion that not only closes the main idea, but also connects it to the thesis of the essay. You need to write it in such a way that it would blend in well with the next paragraph. To achieve this particular goal, you may finish up with a transition sentence.

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