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Finding an Example of Well-Written Essays

Example essays are easy to come by. With the advent of blogs and other personalized pages for sharing, students and professionals all over the world have taken to the internet to share their ideas – many of which are in essay form. While this wealth of information can be helpful, it can also make things more difficult for students and others looking to find a specific example. And one that is written well as opposed to written in a more stylized, incomplete fashion.

Narrowing your examples to those that fit the “well written” category can be difficult if you aren’t sure what to look for when determining which essays are the best available.

Finding Well Written Essays

The key to finding well written examples to help you through the process is finding those that are published and shared by credible sources. These sources include:

  • Libraries: Many libraries, both public and private, will post or feature impressive essays. Some even keep a database of those highlighted over the years. Consider asking your local library about examples they have for students looking for direction. Some of the best options you have are school libraries – as professors working within the school are usually the ones sponsoring highlighted works. You can learn a lot about your expectations as a writer by reviewing the work of those who have received high marks at your specific school.
  • School Page: Many school webpages have shared content from students that includes essay examples. Check with the webpage for your school as well as your specific department. There are often examples of what is expected – as well as highlighted works by the best and brightest in the school. Set the bar high and know exactly what your department and institution feels is the best work possible.
  • Professors: If asked, many professors will share a copy of a former student’s submission. These will include essays that need work and essays that are well done. Often, the professor will block out name information and also include specific notes that direct you to notice the piece’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Writing Labs: There are many writing labs online that offer advice and examples of well written essays and reports. These examples usually have clearly highlighted sections that walk you through the process that the writer took to complete the piece.

It is important that your example essays come from a credible source. If you study a piece of writing that is done incorrectly, you can make the learning process more difficult and possibly get a really low grade.

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