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How To Buy Term Papers Online Without Risk: Basic Strategies

If you are looking to buy a term paper online, it is important to minimize the risk as much as possible. While some risk will always remain, there are a number of simple things you can do to reduce it and protect yourself. There are two main sources of risk: getting caught and getting ripped off.

Getting caught:

  1. Don’t use your school email
  2. While this may seem obvious, many students don’t realize that their school can get access to their email in the case of an academic dishonesty investigation. If you are going to use an online paper service, create an email specially for it, and if possible don’t use your real name.

  3. Run it through a plagiarism checker
  4. There are dozens of websites that will check for plagiarism by running a text against internet sources and webpages. There’s a good chance your teachers are using them too, so you’ll want to make sure you catch it before they do. Copy and pasting from other sources is more common with cheaper options for buying term papers.

  5. Make it your own
  6. Another easy way to reduce the risk that you’ll get caught is to use the paper you bought as a draft. By going through and making changes to it—adding information and references from your class, changing words that you wouldn’t normally use, and rewriting any awkward passages, will make it less likely to stand out to your teacher as being very different from your past work.

Getting ripped off

  1. Don’t pay up front
  2. If you are paying someone to write the paper for you, rather than purchasing a pre-written one, you shouldn’t pay before you receive and check over the final product.

  3. Make sure the writer is qualified
  4. Depending on what level your term paper is for—high school, college, or graduate level—you’ll want to make sure that who every you hire to write the paper, or whoever wrote the paper you purchase has at least your level or higher. Unless they are exceptional, you wouldn’t want a high school student writing your graduate level paper.

  5. Be clear about your expectations
  6. Being up front about what you expect, in written communications, will help ensure that you’ll only have to pay if the delivered product meets your needs. Be sure to provide as much information as you have, even if it seems obvious, to enable them to tailor it as closely to your needs as possible.

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