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Looking For Good Topics For A Definition Essay In High School

The definition essay deals mainly with identifying details about a particular subject, item or idea and can sometimes be quite monotonous to compose. This does not mean that these papers are not important, far from it, many people acquire valuable knowledge about countless items of interests through these essays. Writing a paper is quite simple if your have everything you need at hand and a good place to start is with a topic, a poor topic selection can make you composition much harder than it needs to be. This can be avoided by simply selecting a topic that suits your capabilities, as well as your interests. The following is a list of good topics for a high school definition essay:

  1. The feeling you have on the first day of school as you watch your parents depart the compound, leaving you behind.
  2. What it felt like to have your first kiss and think about it directly after the event occurred.
  3. The way you felt when you had your first attraction to the opposite sex.
  4. How different people react to extreme tragedy.
  5. What it means to be a police officer that is completely motivated to protect and serve the people of their country.
  6. What makes a computer able to perform the way it does?
  7. The role doctors play in disease control.
  8. The impact smart devices have on the developing teens of present day society.
  9. What social interaction has become today as a result of easy communication methods.
  10. How responsible behavior manifests itself in the lives of young teens without them realizing it.
  11. The definition of basic humans rights as you know it to be, in your home.
  12. What it means when a person has no self respect.
  13. The way sophisticated actions can affect the way other persons perceive you.
  14. The characteristic of a person that would make them likely to perform a heroic act.
  15. The main feature of a vain person.
  16. What are the markers of progress within a civilization?
  17. What traits make a person more likely to be considered intelligent over others?
  18. What qualities must a teacher posses in order for them to be considered a better than average teacher?
  19. What role does maturity play in a person’s ability to settle down and focus on their academic studies?
  20. How does a sense of humor affect a person’s ability to take situations seriously when necessary?

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