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Essay Writing Tips: Conclusion is very Important

You have given your reader an abundance of information, now it is time to give them the final wrap up that will leave them with a positive lasting impression on the essay you offered. A badly written conclusion can lower the substance and meaning your essay had, making a strong and well written conclusion a top priority. The conclusion is very important to your essay and to demonstrate the importance and success of your paper it should include a transitional sentence, summary, new thought, wrap up, and a good bye sentence.

  1. Transitional sentence
  2. Every paragraph needs a transitional sentence that is like the appetizer to the rest of the paragraph, the conclusion holds the same standard. This transition sentence will differ from the others it will be a more final transition that should encourage them to continue reading. Even though the reader is near the end, and may feel they have already read everything important you had to write in your essay.

  3. Summary
  4. A simple summary of what you have already thoroughly discussed, but in the conclusion is should be put in a different manner. For those readers that may have not completely grasped your ideas, here is the chance to say them again.

  5. New thought
  6. A conclusion needs a new thought, without it would sound too similar to your introduction to the essay. For any ideas or short thoughts that went with your essay, but not in a particular paragraph, this is where that thought should be expressed. If you do not have an idea in mind, think of one. Maybe out together all your ideas and think of what they all exactly lead to, and have this be the “new thought” sentence of your conclusion.

  7. Goodbye sentence
  8. Here is where you say goodbye to your reader. End your conclusion with a sentence that makes your reader want to reread your essay or appreciate the thoughts you shared so eloquently. Without a goodbye sentence, your conclusions will read unfinished or rushed. There should be as much thought put into this sentence as the body paragraphs.

Wrapping up your essay with a strong conclusion, will prove to your reader all the hard work and thought process that went to writing an amazing essay. Including the four items above leads to a strong essay from beginning and most importantly to end.

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