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Top 27 Possible Persuasive Essay Topics You Should Consider

You should appreciate why you are given an assignment to write a persuasive essay. This is an exercise by which you convince someone of your point of view. The reader may or may not accept your reasoning, but will respect you if you present a good argument. The following are some excellent topics you can writer on.

  1. Should the elderly be allowed to continue voting?
  2. Is a progressive tax truly fair?
  3. Why should illegal aliens not be prosecuted?
  4. Do boys do better in classes separate from girls?
  5. Should the marriage age be lowered?
  6. Is social media making us socially awkward?
  7. Do restaurants ever have the right to refuse service?
  8. Should we allow for conscientious objection in non-military matters?
  9. Should First Amendment Rights be restricted?
  10. Should fast food places pay a penalty for high fat food?
  11. Should we have greater or lesser media censorship?
  12. Do teenagers have a right to drink alcohol?
  13. Can cyber-bullying be a criminal offense?
  14. Is the use of aborted baby organs legitimate science?
  15. Are students taking too many standardized tests?
  16. Should a personal position on climate change be a reason for denying tenure?
  17. Should the minimum wage law be changed in some way?
  18. Are minority quotas necessary for equality?
  19. Should stray dogs be killed on sight?
  20. Is gambling ever moral?
  21. Is pedophilia really a crime?
  22. Should failing students be required to reimburse the school for expenses?
  23. Is the one child law in China worth copying?
  24. Should there be open immigration into the United States?
  25. Should more safety rules be made for contact sports?
  26. Are the liberal arts overrated?
  27. Should academic tenure be abolished?

Facts, not emotions, matter in this type of assignment. Forget about the sarcasm you see on Comedy Central or the snark you read on Facebook. Neither has any great affect when it comes to writing a persuasive piece. Your position must be backed up with facts and reasoning. Failing to provide either can cost you the grade you are hoping to achieve. The project is a lesson in objective logic and the ability to communicate it to the reader. Be prepared to do that from the first sentence to the concluding paragraph. Writing a persuasive essay is good experience in developing legitimate arguments. You will discover this exercise is one of the better learning experiences you will possibly have.

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