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The guidelines for writing APA style essays are very specific with very little range of motion or variation. The rules for writing an APA style essay, however complex they might be, are there for a reason; to give your piece of writing the utmost professionalism and to raise the intellectual bar for your writings. That being said, here is how you can easily do so:

APA style writing is most specifically used for research pieces or pieces of writing where a lot of sources or research is being used (mostly in pieces of writing regarding psychology or types of sciences). In these types of writings, how you cite your sources means everything. To add validity and reference to the pieces you use in your papers and where you received your information, you want to use the specific guidelines in APA styled citation.

If you are citing sources (articles or authors) within the text of your paper, the specific formula (it should come easy to you if you imagine the citation formats as formulas) would be “integrated quote, (“source”, year of publication)”. If you are citing a specific source with only one specific author, you can substitute the “source” in the above formula for the last name of the author. In fact, if you have less than seven authors for your source, you can list them. Anymore than seven should be cited with a few and fully written out in the works cited page of your paper.

When you are citing the use of books for your work, you may use the formula of: author last name, first. Initials. (year of publication) Title of book. Location: Name of Publisher. For each source you use, simply plug the information into the formula and cite accordingly in your paper. If your sources are missing any of the above formula information, simply state that there was no such information found. Webpages can follow the same formula with the substitution of book title with the title of the article you used and then substitute the location and name of publisher for the website used.

These are the two most commonly used sources in need of citation, but all others can be cited using variations of the above formulas. For an in- depth explanation of APA citation formats, you can find all you need to find in almost every online APA.

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