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A List of Winning Academic Topics for Research Papers

Many students are given the opportunity during their academic career to select their research paper topic on their own. This can come as a surprise to students who so often are given the topic on which they must write. This freedom may be unfamiliar but that does not mean it has to be overwhelming. When you are in need of a winning academic topic for your research paper that is unique and appropriate for your course you should start by first finding something that you love. Find something about which you are passionate because that will ensure the process of research and writing is much simpler.

When you are writing a descriptive essay you need to pay close attention to detail. You could be reviewing a poem or observing an event first hand but no matter what you need to observe the subject closely. As the writer it is up to you to determine which details are the most significant. When writing an essay you can use your personal observations and experiences as evidence to support whether you agree or disagree with the topic. You might select a proverb or a maxim and discuss whether you agree or disagree. For example:

  • You can write about whether you agree with Dr. Seuss or disagree that adults are merely children who are now obsolete
  • You can write about a friend
  • You can write about a painting
  • You can write about whether you agree or disagree that anticipation is more often than note greater than the actual reality.
  • You can write about whether you agree with Joni Mitchell or disagree that you do not realize what you have until you no longer have it.
  • You can write about whether you agree that a friend is the person who walks in when everyone else in your life walks out or if you disagree with that.
  • You can write about whether you agree or disagree with Evelyn Waugh that punctuality is a virtue that only the bored have.
  • You can write about whether you disagree or agree that one should make lemonade when life gives lemons
  • You can write about whether you agree or disagree with Steven Wright when he said that times when everything is coming your way are the times when you are not in the right lane.

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