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How Can I Find Reliable Sources with Interesting Essay Topics

Finding  reliable sources requires the researcher  to use only approved sources and to determine what is a reliable source for academic purposes. The college or tutor often specifies the sources. The researcher should avoid political bias and always look for this when he is looking to use a source.

Sources, which are not reliable for academic purposes.

  • Wikipedia is an excellent primary and secondary source for interesting essay topics but it is not an acceptable source for academic purposes because they have no control over editing on the site.
  • Avoid using commercial .com websites because of commercial bias.
  • For any website you use for sources, make sure it is up to date.
  • Forum sites and blogs are usually biased in one direction or another.

Ways to find reliable research sites.

  • Use Google  scholar online and Google books on line
  • For academic open line sources use base
  • Open access academic sources can be found on Doaj
  • For authoritative government scientific information look at
  • The Internet Public  Library  or  USA government information.
  • Limit your Google search to .org, .edu, or .gov for reliable searches.
  • Use bibliographies and references for further sources.
  • Peer reviewed articles and journals
  • PHD or Masters dissertations
  • Scholarly works.

Some source material suitable for academic purposes may not be a source for interesting essay topics so it may be a case of finding newspaper articles or Wikipedia as a starting point for essay topics and then using the approved reliable sources to back up, validate and add substance to your essay topic. The essay writer should always seek to provide a balanced point of view and avoid bias. Web content always has to be assessed for impartiality and reliability.

Researchers can check citations and page numbers without reading through and entire work. They can also check urls for US , UK or other nationalities as well as .edu, gov, or org. NGO’s websites or business or commercial websites must be checked for bias.

Use your college library, which may have better access in some subjects than Google or other internet sources. How the essay writer uses sources will determine the independence and focus of their essay. Essays must be backed  by sources, which will be accepted by academic standards.

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