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Strategies for Choosing Controversial Science Topics for a Research Paper

Scientific research is creeping into pop culture at much faster rates than was ever possible before thanks in part to the emergence of social media. As a result, scientific researchers have the opportunity to become the new celebrities and as much as they may be committed to their disciplines, the lure of fame is still seductive. How then does the average scientifically minded academic burst successfully into the limelight? The answer is simple: controversy. Look at the following tips for finding just the right amount of controversy.

Take down a giant

Look at the biggest, most respected names in your field and structure your research around theories that run counter to them. You may be lucky enough to go down in history as the one who triggered a major parading shift.

Tackle religion

Traditional religious beliefs may be frowned upon in many circles but adherents still number in the billions worldwide. If you produce research that definitively disproves something that is held by many as truth, it will spark conversation and perhaps even lead to worldwide catastrophe. It will lead to your name being known, however.

Get Metaphysical

Metaphysical topics can seem ridiculous to many old-school scientists but they are being looked at far more closely in modern research. As a scientist, looking into the concept of a soul and spiritual phenomena will bring in many readers who would not normally be interested in scientific studies while alienating others who feel offended by the perceived bastardization of their field.

The following topics all skirt or delve into some level of controversy:

  • Is the universe a simulation? Proving the holographic view of the universe with quantum mechanics
  • What is sentience?
  • Should scientific research be abolished to ensure the continuation of the human species?
  • Will cloning reduce the deficit in organ donation programs?
  • Can the effects of genetic Modification of crops and livestock ever be reversed?
  • Should embryonic Stem cells be freely harvested?
  • Should human animal hybrids be created for more robust animal testing in medical trials?
  • To what extent does the chemical residue from common medications result in fish feminization?
  • Pedigree cruelty: The harsh effects of purposeful inbreeding
  • The End is Near: Will the next mass extinction happen in our lifetimes?
  • String Theory: A theory of nothing in particular

These topics go beyond the tips provided as there are many ways to stir up controversy in the field. Your own beliefs will determine the best way to approach your work.

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