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Academic Writing Tips: A Layout Of A Cause And Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay explains how one event or occurrence leads to another. The interesting thing about this type of essay is that a person can focus on either the causes that may lead to the effect or someone can focus on the effects that happen as a result of the cause. There is a 3rd type of paper that is called the Domino Effect or causal effect. There are multiple causes and multiple effects. Each paper has a unique layout:

  1. Multiple causes lead to one effect- in the thesis statement, there is mention of 1 singular effect and 3 causes. An example of this might be: Child violence is caused by a lack of parental immaturity, parental attention or parental abuse. You would have and introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.
  2. Multiple effects from one cause- This thesis suggests that one cause led to a three effects. An example of this may be: Watching Violent Films (single cause) has led to 3 effects such as numbness to violence, obesity, and inappropriate language. There would be 5 paragraphs in this type of cause and effect essay also as explained above
  3. Causal Chain (Domino Effect) - a cause leads to an effect which leads to another effect, etc. The thesis only mentions the first and last parts of the chain for example: Speeding can lead to being arrested for possessing illicit drugs. The layout of this essay is based on how many dominoes there are. There is an introductory paragraph and a paragraph for the conclusion. Then there is a paragraph for each domino.

This type of paper is one of the first essays you learn in middle school. It is very easy to layout and very easy for a student to find a topic. If you find a topic that interests you, there is a greater chance of creating a better paper. Essays that create emotional responses are also great ideas. These types of writings are the first tastes of using patterns and specific instructions and creating papers. This kind of work is a jumping board to the more specific research papers and descriptive papers. Once a student can master this type of essay, he is well on his way to becoming successful at the more difficult types of papers. Doing well on these papers will give the student the confidence to tackle the harder ones.

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