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Top 4 Term Paper Topics for College Students

Choosing your topic for a college term paper is a difficult, but critical decision as far as your term paper writing goes. It is the single part of your term paper that has the most effect on the paper as a whole, how you need to research, your position on the issue, and how you write about it.

How to Find Good Topic Ideas for Term Papers

Here are a few ways of searching for a good term paper idea:

  • Ask your professor
  • Look over any guidelines, prompts or examples given in class
  • Ask your friends or peers or family
  • Related to something you’re already interested in, such as a hobby to this class in your essay

Four Starting Topics

This list is of the top 4 general ideas to get you started:

  1. Current Events
    • Read your local newspaper to see what issues your city or state is currently dealing with, controversial stories, or government decisions people are protesting; these are all great resources for topic ideas
    • Read newspapers from another city or state or even country, and get a topic idea from current issues, controversies, or government decisions from another part of the world
  2. Historical Events
    • Choose something that either everyone knows about, like Nazi Germany, or something that maybe not everyone knows about like an ancient Chinese emperor; either way it should be something that fascinates you
    • Pick a more local historical event, like the building of your school, or a famous monument in your city, or even an interesting person who was born where you live
  3. Something You Participated In In Another Class
    • If you’ve studied the differences between how men and women think in your psychology class, for an example, you can use that in your term paper for this class
    • Was there ever an activity or project you love to look back on, either in high school, or even further back in grade school? Use those for inspiration.
  4. Write About Writing Term Papers
    • First of all, why not?
    • It would make an interesting term paper to write about challenging the system of why education relies so heavily on papers and essays, or the history behind the form of the term paper

Whatever topic you end up choosing, make sure it is one that really excites you.

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