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Can I Choose Funny Argumentative Essay Topics?

An argumentative essay is one where you argue one side or another in a popular debate. Your topic must be one that has at least two sides to it. You then need to list reasons why your side is better than the other side or point out reasons why the argument for the other side is flawed. Your purpose is to ensure that the reader sides with you when they finish reading your essay. They can only side with you if you present a sound argument with supporting evidence as to why your side is better and also point out flaws in the logic or argument of the opposition.

That being said any topic on which you write for an argumentative paper must be one that has two sides to it. If you have a topic in mind you should test it by writing out the thesis statement and then writing an opposing thesis statement. You need to be able to point out any opposing arguments and if your topic does not have an opposing argument then you should pick a different topic.

So how can you choose funny argumentative topics?

Well comedy is a touchy subject. Readers have different ideas of what is “funny”. That means that something you might find funny will not be funny to your reader. Something that you think is not funny might conversely be funny to your reader. So a funny topic might be difficult to select unless you know your reader and the audience quite well. If you know your teacher’s sense of humor and you also know that they are going to be the only person reading the essay then you have the freedom to pick something you know they will find funny. But if you don’t know who will read the paper or what the reader’s sense of humor is you must be cautious in your attempt to write an argumentative essay on a funny topic.

That being said one of the best ways to write a funny argument essay is to take a sarcastic twist on the topic.

Some topics that are generally considered funny might include:

  • How to tell if a politician is lying
  • What the feminist movement has changed for you
  • How you can win the war on terror with little effort
  • How to thank a police officer for t ticket
  • Why a fictional character should be the next president
  • Why radioactive waste is a good thing
  • Why smog is your friend
  • Why advertising is effective
  • Why we need less gun control
  • Why animals need more rights than people

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