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Who can supply me with healthcare research paper topics

As you most likely know from doing research papers in the past, there are plenty of sources to find topics. They do not differ in many aspects but the means you look for them. So your sources are going to be relatively the same.

  1. Libraries
  2. Instructor/professor
  3. Personal Doctor/Physician
  4. Internet
  5. Clinic


Of all sources the Library is always going to be a common point to look. The amount of information you have at hand can give you many topics.


Your instructors and professors will always be a common resource. They are experienced and can help you with points that have not been covered in a while, or lacking coverage. They are also willing to help.

Personal Doctor/Physician

You already know your personal Doctor, and they know you. Contact them and let them know what you need. Often they can either set some time aside to meet with you, or leave a paper for you. Because they are working in the field, they see things to be covered. If you are doing work in a hospital, then talk to the doctors there. They know you are working towards your medical degree, and would be willing to help. Some of them might also offer interviews to help you out.


The internet is one place that has a large amount of sources. The thing here is to make sure of the site you go to. But it can offer you a lot of sources for topics. Look for technical forums that are used by Doctors, many fields have these, and you might already know of one. Talk to some of the Doctors on these, and they can offer you good sources and ideas.


There are many different types of clinics everywhere. They range from family clinics to emergency clinics. Contact one of these and try to see about talking to one of the doctors there. They can often help you find good material and topics. Again this is because they are already working in the field.


The thing here is not to let yourself be limited. Look around, inside of school and out. There are a lot of people who can help you get a good research topics. Even some of the Hospice Companies can help with it. As they work with people close to death. Maybe they have seen some cases they felt could have been avoided, but need someone to help them find out how. You are in a position to help them while helping yourself.

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