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No one likes criticism.  However, sometimes it is very necessary and it is the best way for all parties to learn something.  For that reason it is very important to know when you are delivering the message how to do it and what to avoid.  If you are not sure how to deliver professional criticism of a work here are a few tips. Stay away from emotionally charged content, all content should be objective and should be written from the perspective of someone taking in the situation, not someone passionate and embroiled in the middle of it.  If you are too close to a situation sit back and think about how you would approach the same topic if you were a doctor.  It is very important to think about how you can logically dissect the piece of work and understand what the writer was trying to say whether or not you agree with it.

Things to Remember:

  1. Everything that has been written was done with purpose and intent.  For that reason if you are going to critique something it must be done in an analytical way.
  2. Think of the author’s feelings.
  3. Think of what you would want someone to say to you if they were going to be critical of something that you had written.
  4. Make certain to point out the strengths and the weaknesses of the piece.
  5. Focus on the facts so that you are able to accurately report all of the information in a clear and defined factor.
  6. When you are writing content and a review you want to be sure that all of the content is done in a mechanism that is as professional and to the point as possible.  That means providing the strengths and the weaknesses and a value added statement, which describes why that is the case.

Being a critic will only win you enemies, your job in creating a critique is to ensure that you are providing a solution to the person and feedback which will allow you to be able to help them in their long term structure. When you are writing a critique write it as a professional who is coming to bring content to the table, which will empower and enable your readers.  That way you will be a part of the solution and the process of constant improvement.

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