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While it is true to say that there are a number of websites which are scams and which are out to take advantage of students keen to write their essays, it is also true there are a number of places where you can get excellent examples of excellent essays and without cost. The first place to look is your own educational institution. It may well be that on your college's website or in the college library there are examples of first class essays. Obviously they do not exist for you to copy but rather to copy the format and the layout and the line of thinking.

It’s said that some budding composers would stay up late at night copying out the scores of other composers. What they wanted to understand was the technique and the content of the work so that they could put their creative genius to work in a similar way. Finding quality essays within your own educational institution is a definite starting place.

However, if you wish to go online there are a number of websites which contain sometimes tens of thousands of essays all of which are free to view. It may be that you will need to create a free account with that particular website and login before you are able to search its contents but nevertheless access is free.

One way some of these websites charge a fee is by asking you to donate one or more of your essays thus building up their portfolio of work to be studied. It is easy to find a list of certain websites which offer free essays, not to be copied but to study from.

This is obviously not a complete list but between them there would be tens if not hundreds of thousands of essays of all different types and at all different levels. The key for success in your situation is simple. Know what you are looking for. Know the topic or topics and the length of the essay. Be able to navigate through the web site to find exactly what is relevant to your cause.

Remember that copying an essay and passing it off as your own work is plagiarism and it is easy to discover today when this copy and paste exercise has been performed. Learn from the essays and then put that knowledge into your own work.

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