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How has the Internet changed the way we live our lives, communicate, and conduct business?

The present society live in a unique way compared to the ancient society. This is no doubt as a result of the technological revolution that the majority have embraced. Firstly, technology has changed the way we learn. The concept of e-learning powered by the internet has taken learning to the next step whereby students can attend classes from the convenient of their rooms irrespective of geographical location. One needs to have a computer and an internet connection to access online lectures and unlimited learning resources. The way we deal with relationships has also been affected by technology. The internet has provided access to online dating sites. People from different countries and culture communicate and date online even though they had never met face to face before. Another change can be seen on how we work. The issue of having virtual offices cannot be overstated. Workers don’t need to be physically at the office. They can perform their duties by logging in the organization’s intranet and/or extranet from their homes.

On the other hand, technology has seen drastic changes in the way we communicate. Real time communication through video calls is a common feature of how modern day communities communicate. Skype allows individuals to talk and see each other in an interaction. Gmail also supports the video calling service through an improved application. Social media platforms have created huge and powerful online communities who chat online. For instance, Facebook allows individuals to chat online and in real time by either using computers or smartphones. Also, individuals and organizations have nowadays embraced blogging as a way of spreading and accessing information. For instance journalists and international news agencies post news on current affairs in blogs which can be accessed from anywhere. The use of cellphones has almost totally eliminated the traditional telephone booths. Cellphones support voice calls and text messaging. Because they are portable, the majority find them convenient to carry around, hence their popularity.

Finally, the way businesses are conducted has undergone a real revolution through what the present technology has provided. To elucidate this, let’s talk of e-banking and e-selling. You can order goods online and pay for them without travelling to a bank. How is this possible? You actually need to understand how visa cards and PayPal can be used to pay for goods and services online. Contracts can be signed and agreements made online regarding trade. These are just but a fraction of the wonders of technology!

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