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Picking Up an Essay Topic: Where to Look for Help

Sometimes the hardest part of doing something is that very first step towards the goal. In this case, choosing a topic can be the hardest part of writing an essay. You have thousands of topics from which to choose and yet you can’t think of a single one. So what do you do when this happens to you? There are several ways to go about choosing a topic.

What to do

  • Go with your strong suit in the field that the essay is on

  • Talk with friends about topics they considered and decided against

  • Search the net for interesting and good ideas to write about

Go with your strong suit

If your essay is in science than you may want to choose the thing in science that you excel at the most. If you have to choose a history topic pick the one that interests you most that you know the most about. Everyone says to write what you know for a reason. It works! Writing about something you know well or are passionate about makes for a better essay.

Talk with friends

Your friends may have considered topics that, while not right for them, may be perfect for you. Talking about topic choices with a group can stimulate the brain and create an environment in which a bunch of different ideas are discussed. Some may be right for you, others for them, but it will put more ideas on the table and give you more to consider than just the ones that you could come up with on your own.

Search the internet

Type in the subject and the words ‘essay topic’ into a search engine and you should have hundreds of great ideas at your fingertips. One of them should be exactly what you were looking for but just couldn’t think of. This is also a good way to come up with unique ideas. The more you have to choose from the less likely it is that a lot of people in your class picked the same topic as you.

Topics can be illusive however they can be pinned down if you try hard enough. Don’t just go with the first thing you think of. Go with the topic that you truly believe will make for the best possible essay. This will make for a better essay and a better grade along with more pride in yourself than just doing whatever happens to pop into your headfirst.

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