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The Peculiarities of Writing Great English Essays

Like it or not critical essays are a mandatory evil for instructors to evaluate a student’s understanding of a topic. By writing a composition that explores certain ideas and concepts within literature English essays illustrate how well a student has interpreted a piece of writing and how accurately they can articulate that knowledge. Throughout your college or university experience, you will be expected to write A LOT of these essays, for this reason it is extremely beneficial to master this skill by recognizing the characteristics of a great English essay.

Topic Choice

The most important element of an English essay is your choice of topic to explore in the piece. A well-defined thesis selection will be easier to write about and help you create a very coherent and brief paper. Instead of selecting a broad topic that has been explored repeatedly try to find something unique and provocative that will be interesting to write and read about. Don’t sell yourself short by choosing some easy, try to challenge your own intellect with your topic choice.

Developing Your Thesis

Aside from landing you that passing grade the entire point of an English essay is to offer some insight to the reader. The “thesis” that you include in your essay should summarize the entire composition in only a few sentences. For this reason, you may choose to develop your thesis once you have investigated your topic thoroughly. What sets a good thesis apart from a bad one is how you present the thesis, is your idea well formed and can it be defended appropriately?

Ready, Set, Write

Once you have a topic and a positively backed thesis the next step is to write that wonderful essay. When tackling an English essay project try to be as specific as possible, but also get to the point quickly. It may seem like a good idea to flourish the article with plenty of elaborate explanation but don’t forget that your professor very likely knows the literature like the back of his hand. Instead of beating around the bush complete the essay with a well structure format, strong language choice, and well defined ideas. The biggest mistake you can make is simply retelling the story, the point of writing the essay should be to explore a new concept and shed some insight on the themes that you have read.

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