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Easy Research Paper Topics

One of the most common problems for students who are facing a research paper is choosing their topic. It’s arguably the most important part of writing a research paper because the whole paper revolves around what the subject matter is. When you have a great topic, it’s easier to do your research, easier to write, and to be motivated about. Whereas a boring topic lends itself to procrastination, a topic that you are passionate about or at least interested in will make all the difference in how you feel about this research paper.

Where to Get Ideas for Your Research paper Topic

Here’s a list of a few things you can do to generate topic ideas:

  • Ask your professor (current or past professors)
  • Read past example research papers, either from your teacher specifically or online
  • Ask your friends or fellow students
  • Ask family members
  • If you were given a prompt (or find one online), take the prompt and make a list of everything you can think of related to that prompt that could be a possible topic idea
  • Read about something you already know you like on websites, articles, journals, books at your school or public library, or documentary videos (keep a list – this is a very good source for your research as well)

Now that you have a list, try to narrow it down more. Scratch off the ones you don’t know anything about or the ones you have absolutely no interest in knowing about. Then, if you still have too many to choose from, show the list to your teacher or some friends, and ask their opinions. Especially your professor’s opinion, since they are the one who will be grading your research paper in the end.

So once your list gets down to two or three topics, do some initial research on each one. Just take a few minutes; don’t spend too much time until you’ve settled on only one topic. This initial research is to show you how easily you will be able to find sources for your position, as well as discovering how really interested you are in the idea. Usually at this point, one will be standing out to you, and you can start making your outline accordingly.

Finding an easy topic to write about for you research paper isn’t rocket science; with a little digging and a little help you can find the perfect topic for you.

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