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Stages in the writing of a research paper

There are several stages of research paper writing that are easy to complete. It is a matter of setting aside time to complete them and using your time wisely in planning ahead. From selecting your topic to proofreading, each stage is important as they help pull your paper together. Be sure to follow assignment guidelines including formatting requirements.

The following points are basic elements to help you get started with your research paper:

  • Finding a topic or identifying a question to answer. This is defining the scope or purpose behind the research paper. You may need to brainstorm for potential ideas.

  • Gathering notes upon making list of potential resources to use. Common up with main sources to consider for research and have a list of secondary options.

  • Organizing notes and making an outline. Think about how you will keep track of sources used for your bibliography. Be sure to consider sources that will help you get the data you need to help stay focused on your topic. Your outline helps you organize your findings based on a scheme you should follow as mentioned in your guidelines. Your outline will help you get details for important points you need to explain and support.

  • Form an argument or thesis statement. Some students do this early in the process while others make changes later into something more solid. What is your subject and the point you want to make about it? Write your introduction. This will include pieces of information that include your thesis statement or argument, the subject and how you plan to accomplish the result.

  • Write rough draft. This is where you write the body of your paper but you are putting findings together into sentences and paragraphs. You may write the whole paper or focus on each part such as the intro and the conclusion. With the conclusion you remind your audience about the most important points of your content.
  • Revise your paper. Go back over what you have written and start making changes to make it better. This is where paragraphs and sentences are getting cleaned up to ensure clarity and logic meaning.

  • Proofread and edit. Use spell check to help spot errors. Read content carefully to look for errors your computer may not catch. Have someone else read your content or you can read it out loud to help you understand logic reasoning, readability, and overall presentation.

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