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How to Write an Article Review

An article review is a summary and critique of another person’s writing. You have to read the other’s work, decide on how you feel and then critique the paper in written form. Follow these six easy steps for the perfect Article Review.

  1. Read

    Do a deep read of the entire work or piece. As you read make sure to take detailed notes on your observations, your likes, and your dislikes. You are giving your evaluation of the literary piece based on certain criteria such as style, theme development, and symbols. Ask your teacher what the criteria are before you begin the assignment.

  2. Make thesis statement and outline

    You will be ready to make a thesis statement and then an outline once you have thoroughly read the writing. Your outline should include the following items (# 3-6) as well as an introduction and your thesis statement.

  3. Start to write: summarize

    You can begin with a short introduction on the writing. Then you will summarize the work. Before you can give your critique (pro and con), you must briefly summarize the reading. You need to make sure to include the complete title as well as the author’s name in your summary.

  4. Opinion time: pro

    It is time for you to give an opinion supported by rational thought and educational facts. The first part you address should be the positive features that you found in the writing. Please make sure to give examples and credible information.

  5. Opinion time: con

    Be very careful as you write this next part of your essay. You do not want to get too emotional in this section. You can write that a character was not fully developed and give examples of this in an educational style or you can sound rude and unprofessional. Choose to sound professional. As you write make sure that any negatives you point out have support and examples to prove your point.

  6. Conclusion

    You will need a strong conclusion in your article review. You will want to restate your thesis in different words and make a universal statement. Do not introduce any new ideas in the conclusion of your article review.

An article review can be an essay piece of work if you follow these guidelines. You should make sure that you always read the entire piece that you are reviewing. Then follow the steps (above) and you will be finished before you know it.

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