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How Do Write an Outline for a Research Paper: Some Simple Advice

A detailed outline for a research paper will make the writing of the paper an easier task. You want to be careful to not include too much or too little information. You want just the right amount of appropriate details that add to your paper. Never include extra irrelevant stuff, the teacher will notice. Some valuable tips are:

  • Use note cards for your facts and sort the cards by sections. Then you should make piles for each section and then place the piles in this order-introduction, main point one, main point two, paint three, (any other main points) and conclusion. After you have all of your stacks in order, then you can begin to write your outline.
  • There are electronic outlines online. You can use those like the old-fashioned hard copy index cards, but you will move them around on your computer to create the correct order for the outline. You can also edit them.
  • You may have to write a working outline first. Ask your teacher if she requires this for your class. Working outlines are nice because you can move things around within the outline, and you can edit outline content, as well.
  • Do not be scared if you have a lot of edits on your working draft, this is actually a good thing.
  • Topic outlines and sentence outlines are two different styles. You want to ask your teacher which style he or she wants for the outline. Most teachers prefer the topic outline. This means that except for the thesis statement or for quotes, you have only key words. Key words make the job of writing easier.
  • Research does matter. The better the research, the better the outline. All research including your quotes and facts should be included on the outline. After you write any details that are not your own, then cite them on the outline. This will remind you to cite in the paper. The in-text cites will be either a MLA or an APA style paper. You will now which to use once the teacher gives you all the instructions.

These simple tools will help you when writing your research paper outline. Getting your materials together and in proper order will make it a no pain process. Once you have the outline written to perfection, then writing your research paper will also be easier to do.

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