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A Few Useful Tips On The Successful Structure Of An Academic Article Review

There is a basic model in place for how to organize a paper. This structure is one that you learned starting in middle school. It comes in the form of a one pager, or a one page article. In this article there are about five paragraphs.

When speaking about paper organization you should always note to conduct your research before starting your paper. This is where you will generate ideas from. The first paragraph is the introduction. The introduction can also be labeled as an overview. The introduction usually starts with a catchy first line. Something that will demand the reader’s attention and make them want to continue reading on. This line has to remain cliché free.

Your aim is not to make to work appear cheesy to the reader. The lines that follow will merely state the main ideas, research to be used, and the side of the issue you are writing for. When organizing your paper, you should remember to never go into detail at this stage of the process.

The next three paragraphs make up the body of the paper. It is what makes up the paper, or gives it sustenance. The body paragraphs allow you to state your main ideas again. Typically there is one main idea to every paragraph, which helps the paper stay focused. Each main idea is followed by supporting ideas and relevant research to help explain these ideas. Supporting details and research help the reader to distinguish what is fact, and what is opinion based.

The summary or conclusion is the close of a paper. Most people celebrate the conclusion paragraph by giving it all they got. The summary brings together all of the information presented to the reader in the body paragraphs and presents it to them just in case they missed something. The conclusion on brings the whole paper full circle in one way or another. It can also be a reflection for the author, in which some authors have posed questions to their readers that have them thinking about the work well beyond reusing the information.

This is the basic structure of an article. Though this is for a one pager let me tell you, this model can be duplicated over and over. Let it be known that no matter what the paper size, a paper must start with an introduction and conclusion.

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