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10 Hints On Writing An Essay In A Proper Way

Writing an essay does not have to be difficult. Since most essays are formatted in the same way, the only big differences are the content you choose and the style in which you write. Regardless of the topic you choose and the length of the essay, these hints will help you write your essay in a proper way:

  1. Include an attention-getting introduction. Your introduction should include an attentino-getting hook. Use interesting open-ended questions, topic-specific quotes, or another useful technique. Do not write a cliche hook.

  2. Bridge the hook to the thesis. It is important that your readers are able to see the connection between the hook and the thesis. It usually takes a few sentences to naturally connect these two parts of the introduction.

  3. Make your thesis arguable. Your thesis needs to be worth discussing so you can prove that your ideas are correct

  4. Include topic sentences in every body paragraph. Each paragraph needs to refer back to the thesis and the topic sentences get this job done. The topic sentences do not have to repeat the thesis word-for-word, but they should include some synonyms that relate to the thesis.

  5. Use real evidence in every paragraph. Your evidence should make sense and come from smart sources that are reliable.

  6. Explain the evidence to show how it connects to the thesis. It is important to not just include evidence to explain how ti relates to the thesis and the topic sentences.

  7. Write a useful conclusion. Your conclusion should suggest actions that the reader can take as well as remind the reader of the important parts of your essay.

  8. Document the sources of your real evidence. Your professor should tell you about the documentation style you should use. Then, when you include your evidence you should properly include in-text documentation in the essay itself. You also need to include a bibliography page to help the reader find the sources you used.

  9. Write clear, concise, and smooth sentences. Your sentences should smoothly fit together. They should be easy to understand and use appropriate language that is specific to the topic of the essay. Instead of writing long, complex sentences, it is best to write concise sentences without unnecessary words.

  10. Proofread and revise to find errors. Final edits will help you create a high quality essay that will help you earn a top grade.

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